The Vigilant Marine Product Line

  • Environmental:

    •   Hydrocarbon Removal Systems    --  [ Download the PDFs ] -- [ OWS Verses OIL-XORB, the Comparison! 145KB]

      OIL-XORB filter systems are engineered to remove hydrocarbons, including emulsified oil, from water, to below detectable levels in a single pass.

    •   Hydrocarbon Encapsulating Polymer    --  [ Download the PDF 145KB]

      OXP-151 is an environmentally safe polymer that effectively encapsulates petroleum and other hydrocarbon based products. OXP-151 encapsulates and permanently bonds hydrocarbons such as kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel, crude oil, jet fuel, benzene and xylene. OXP-151 is insoluble in water and can safely absorb hydrocarbon spills in waterways without effecting the environment. The bonded hydrocarbon spill will float on the water and can be easily recoverable.

    •   Oil pads & booms    --  New product information coming soon. For more information please Contact Us!
    •   OWS Logger & Recorder    --  [ Download the PDF 114KB]

      The Vigilant Enviro-Logger has been designed to monitor nearly every possible function associated with the OWS (Oil Water Separator) and the incinerator systems. Simply select which functions to be monitored by activating the appropriate switch on the main control board. It will then record any change of state associated with that input, along with the time and date the change occurred.

    •   Oil Xorb ERC    --  See our latest cleaner!

      Cleans oil, grease, carbon deposits, and dirt in engine rooms, fuel tanks, cargo holds, on bulk heads and decks. Lifts and removes oil and grease that has been baked on to hot engine parts, steam lines, etc. Solids in bilge (both settled-out and suspended) will be cleaned of hydrocarbon contamination and solids will be precipitated to the bottom of the bilge.

  • Monitors and Alarms:

    •   Water Ingress Detection    --  [ Download the PDF 538KB]

      The Hold Status is a permanent system that monitors all required spaces on a Bulk Carrier for water ingress. The system is designed to be fully compliant with the new SOLAS regulations, and to meet the IACS and IMO performance standards.

    •   Ballast Tank Gas Detection    --  [ Download the PDF 184KB]

      Over 65 Gas systems installed to date.

      The Gas Status is designed as a cost effective and reliable solution for continuously monitoring gas concentrations in the pump room, ballast tanks and void spaces on board tanker vessels.

    •   Cargo Pump Room Gas Detection    --  [ Download the PDF 132KB]

      Over 65 Gas systems installed to date.

      The Gas Status Sx is designed as a cost effective and reliable fixed sensor solution for continuously monitoring gas concentrations in the pump room. Intrinsically safe INFRA-RED combustible sensors can be located in up to 6 locations within the pump room. Additionally, an oxygen sensor and/or a hydrogen sulfide sensor can be connected to the system along with 4 bilge level sensors.

    •   Vapor Recovery O2 Analyzer    --  [ Download the PDF 202KB]

      We Had To Ask The Question ‘Why install a delicate instrument on deck’ when asked to supply two VMAX vessels with a vapor recovery O2 analyzer, recording and alarm system. We could not come up with a good answer, nor could Class. So we developed the Vapor Status 1P as a portable system.

    •   Shaft Horsepower Monitor    --  [ Download the PDF 892KB]

      Shaft Status Hp is a complete integrated system capable of providing the vital information you need on one graphical display unit. Shaft rpm, direction, torque, horsepower and horsepower hours are all displayed on a compact display unit.

    •   Vibration & Temperature Monitor    --  [ Download the PDF 294KB]

      IMPACT/Guardian is a continuous “On-Line” monitoring system used to gather vital information on the condition of rotating machinery. This full featured system consists of sensors, cabling, sensor acquisition nodes, on-line monitoring software, and a desktop computer to acquire dynamic condition measurements. The IMPACT/Guardian system allows for alarming, trending, analysis, and data archiving. The system can be accessed locally through Ethernet cabling or remotely via the internet.

    •   Reverse Dial Indicator Alignment System    --  [ Download the PDF 130KB]

      Alignment is the procedure by which the shaft centerline of one machine element, such as a motor, is adjusted to be co-linear with the centerline extension of another machine shaft, such as a pump. It is also possible to align three (3) or more elements in more complex machines. One of the leading problems to be corrected is misalignment of shafts and couplings.

  • Products Coming Soon: